J.U.D.Y. welcomes you to your future! 

Connect power conduits to destinations.  Left click to rotate tiles, right click to undo.

Most importantly, do as you're told -- J.U.D.Y. does not appreciate resistance. 


Co-created by Jon (levitywell) and Peter (https://fenchel.itch.io/)

The screen shader is based on leon4aka's "Retro TV shader" (CC0)

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Authorslevitywell, fenchel
Tagschill, connectivity, Dystopian, Godot, godotengine, Hex Based


judy-win_02.zip 21 MB
judy-linux_02.zip 22 MB


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the game is fun, but I've been stuck for over an hour on level 4 (the one with a green power source and a yellow power source but 2 yellow outlets) because there is an open line with the green power source. The tutorial didn't really explain what those were or how to solve them, so I'm at a complete roadblock. I'm giving up on it for now since I have absolutely no idea what to do from here. I don't think I understand the goal of that level at all or what the green power source is used for there.

I dislike the feature where you need to spin tiles around multiple times sometimes for the power to connect, but that might be a bug.

Besides those problems though, the game has been a really fun puzzle, and really difficult at that. I don't at all mean to come off as rude here, I'm just completely stuck and confused. It is a good game.

You're not being rude at all! This is really useful feedback, and we really appreciate everyone who plays the game (especially for an hour on one level!!).

The level you got stuck on has confused other people as well. The intent is to connect the green power back to the source after going around the loop. I think there's a label on it that says "Tower Loop Source/End." But since it's not like the other puzzles, you're not wrong to be confused. 

Thanks again for playing it!

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I have one more question. Is it possible to complete every level in the game without using the replacement tiles on the right? It has seemed possible on every level I've played so far except the first one.

Good question! Some puzzles were designed with known solutions, surrounded by random tiles, while others (mainly the maps I worked on!) are entirely random tiles, with generous replacement reserves so we don't soft-lock anyone. For the latter set, then, whether or not they can be completed without replacements changes with every playthrough. With more time, a known replacement-free solution for every puzzle would be one of my design goals.